District School Improvement Plan

Our plan is anchored by a commitment to high expectations, strong relationships, and a laser focus on student achievement. The purpose of this site is to provide a clear vision of our school improvement efforts at both the district and school level.

Our Journey:

After receiving the 2013-2014 Top to Bottom rankings from the state, the Superintendent declared an "achievement crisis." Soon thereafter, he released the "Urgency" video to all staff and identified the planned work of the district turnaround network. 

The District Turnaround Network visited all schools in the district to communicate the urgency, gather feedback, and answer questions from staff. 

All schools in Warren Consolidated Schools conducted a "building level initiatives review" to "clean out the garage." A recurring theme of initiative fatigue emerged from staff feedback. 

The District Turnaround Network incorporated feedback from schools' initiative reviews and drafted a District School Improvement Plan that significantly narrowed our focus. 

The District Turnaround Network identified five focus areas for the District School Improvement Plan for the 2016-17 school year:

  1. Professional Learning Communities
  2. Multi-Tiered Systems of Support
  3. Mathematics
  4. Literacy
  5. Building a Positive School Community

With Leadership from principals and school improvement chairpersons, all schools completed School Improvement Plans reflecting these five areas. 

The Superintendent organized and scheduled monthly meetings with building principals to focus on District School Improvement. 

In an effort to establish clear communication and problem solving protocols, surveys were given to staff to collect feedback on how prepared staff are in meeting the needs of rapid turnaround. 

In response to the survey data, District Level groups were established in Office 365 to foster two-way communication. The Superintendent continued to share one-way communication information through monthly updates, and this website. 

Also in response to the survey data, the district provided professional development on our approach to analyzing data. 

Warren Consolidated Schools received district level accreditation from AdvancED.

In January 2017, Cromie Elementary, Harwood Elementary, and Willow Woods Elementary were removed from the Priority School List. 

While exciting, the removal of schools from the Priority School List has not stopped the Turnaround Work, which now moves into a phase where we will talk and establish a vision for ambitious instruction.