Team Roster

Wrestling does have a varsity and a jv team but changes every week. So for simplicity I will just name the members of the team and their weight.


Nick Austin 130 Daniel Karczmarczyk 152
Chris Berry 260 Blake LaPinta 119
Rudy Capdacqua 209 Trevor Lee 160
Anthony Carter 131 Julian Lockett 160
Rosuel Celi 200 Nolan Mandel 165
Xavier Cross 133 Eric Mudd 120
AJ Cunningham 145 Pierce Multhui-Edwards 125
Preston Curtiss 125 Mahfujlatif Olid 109
Isiah Daniels 205 Mohammed Omar 170
Maximus DeMara 103 Noah Patrick 133
Hunter Esse 130 Austin Pruitt 212
Colin Gaddey 97 Logan Ramsey 254
Lucas Glentzer 171 Logan Rowe 135
Alex Gulecki 131 Stephen Rusanchin 185
Luke Havern 157 Andre Saffar 117
Matt Hickey 110 Stephen Salyers 140
Andrew Kakoos 133 Marques Sayajon 121



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Marauder wrestling

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DID You Know?

Collegiate wrestling typically ranks in the top 5 in revenue production of all NCAA Championships (2009 NCAA Championships set a NCAA attendance record).


Did you Know?

It is one of the most diverse sports in the world with almost 200 nations participating worldwide.  71 countries qualified to compete in the 2012 London games, and 29 different countries medaled.



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