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About Wrestling

Wrestling is a tough sport. As one of the oldest sports in history, every second of a six minute match is a grueling physical and mental battle. A wrestler has to rid any emotion that stops him from getting to his goal. Wrestling is like chess, where every move counts. The silence of a match before the whistle is like the eye in a tornado, quiet but horrifying.

Eat Healthy

Wrestlers constantly have to monitor the weight by eating healthy and by losing weight constantly.

Working out

Wrestlers work out every day to get stronger and faster for the matches ahead.

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Marauder wrestling

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DID You Know?

Scholastic wrestling ranks 6th of all boys’ sports in terms of participation at the high school level with over 272,000 nation-wide.


Did you Know?

In 1896 the founder of the modern Olympic Games Baron Pierre de Coubertin named wrestling as one of the 'Foundational Sports' of the Olympic Games.


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