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Welcome to Boys Swim!

The Warren Mott High School boys varsity swim team consists of young men from all four grade levels. These marauders work hard to achieve their goals and stick together win or lose. Come out and support our fellow Mott Marauders as they swim on.

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Come support your fellow Marauders! You can see their schedule here.

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Looking for more swim?

Check out the girls swim page!

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  • Benjamin Barrels
  • Carl Bongalanto
  • Jacob Ciavattone
  • Mahdi Chowdhury
  • Jimmy Counts
  • Paolo Dela Pena
  • Joe Frederick
  • Conrad Galeczka
  • Jacob Harrison
  • Randall Johnson
  • Cory Tassell
  • Bailey Rose
  • Rick Russell
  • Logan Susalla
  • Mason Todd
  • Max Wilfong
  • Noah Yacks
  • Caleb Yacks


  • Jared Knapik is the Girl's Swim Coach. He's coaching the team because he used to swim on the team here and he always wanted to come back and coach at the high school he went to. His favorite part about coaching is helping the girls get better and bringing the team closer. You can contact him here:

    Jared Knapik - Coach