Mr. Bardelline is the current teacher of APUSH. He was interviewed about his experience in teaching the class. These are his answers. Mr Bardelline can be contacted by clicking the button below.

Mr. bardelline

How would you describe the atmosphere of the class?
" The atmosphere is very sociable and entertaining but also very exausting. Kids are genuinely interested in learning and I try to keep the atmosphere comfortable, where the ideas can be shared and discussed openly."

What is your favorite part about teaching the class?
" I love history and I love discussing and analyzing the story of how our country developed. Getting students to really explore everything about us as a country and the people is an amazing sight to see."

Any fond memories from this past year?
" After school study sessions are always a great time to not only study and review but also relax a bit and take a breather before a test. class discussions can often go in any number of directions. So those are always interesting."

Anything you would like to say to future students?
" The workload is significant and you will be stressed but if you stick with it and work at it, you will see results and it will be a great ride."

If you could describe the class in one word, what would it be?
" Interesting."

Any parting remark?
" If you like history, government, politics, economics, give APUSH a shot. Work hard and you'll do well."