Mr. Edward Yester

Team Sports is very interesting, fun and enjoyable class.

Mr. Mohammad Sheikh

Team Sports has been a very interesting elective. I was able to be active and play many great sports with my classmates. I would love to take it again!

Mr. Kerwan Richman

Team Sports is a very interesting class, the other students in my class made me feel comfortable and helped me improve my skills and made the class much more enjoyable. Mr. Shiffard has a great sense of humor and personality. If given the chance I would take the class all over again.

Mr. Mohammed Sakib

Team Sports is a class that benefits in many ways. It teaches you how to play different kinds of sports and it keeps your body healthy. Also, you can meet new classmates and it builds a good relationship with others.

Mr. KeyShawn Carter

Team Sports is a class that not only teaches ways to improve physical abilities, but life lessons. The students are taught how to become better as students, teammates, and people.