Welcome to Team Sports

Course Objective:    Upon completion of this course the student will be able to demonstrate physically and mentally; how a person should lead a healthy & physically fit lifestyle.

Class Instructor


Teacher: Mr. Shifferd
Teacher Background Information:
-Bachelor's Degree: Physical Education & Health (Grand Valley State University)
- Master's Degree: Art of Teaching (Marygrove College)
- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (National Strength Professionals Association)
-Certified CPR Professional Rescuer, AED,, First-Aid and Lifeguard
-Started Team Sports in 2002 before that it was general PE
-Also runs the Health class
-Nominated for the teacher of the year in 2015

**Important Technology Information**

- This class will be using "Blackboard Learn" website on the internet. This is an outstanding tool that dynamically involves the student with this class & technology.
- Each student has their own specific username and password that will be given out the first week of class.
- Vital information for this class, along with lesson plans, lecture videos, exercise video, class journals, study guides and test will be on this website.
- Please plan on using this helpful technology tool throughout the semester.