Website Personalization

How to create your own personal website.


What is the purpose for leaning code you may ask.

Coding is the process of assigning a code to something for the purposes of classification or identification. Text is the most basic part of html coding. It is used to show information that you want to portray to your audience.

Website design and build processes have inevitably transformed as well. HTML has endured because it’s so easy to understand (even for graphic designers), but these days, if you even think about creating a web page with tables on it instead of DIV tags, you have to endure a barrage of abuse from purists who write HTML pages in notepad linking all design elements to highly efficient CSS (cascading style sheet) documents.

Website Planning:

Think and visualize what type of audience you are portraying to. Then think about what the site needs to do to help them achieve it. Create a visual Site Map of your website and decide how the content will be grouped. Also determine what functionality the pages will have and what kind of navigation system you'll be using. Making a website takes a lot of thought, be sure to test and make sure you have a proof reader as well.

  • Will the site be based on a one, two or three column grid? Or a mixture of grids?
  • What elements will go into each column and why?
  • If you use space-fillers, will they be relevant and practical? Or an abstract white space filler?.
  • What about images? Will there be consistency across every page (with same-size pics in predictable locations), or will images only appear where necessary?
  • If you have any side boxes for notes or contact details, what will they look like? Where will they appear and why?
  • So website design is extremely similar. Every eventuality has to be accounted for if a measure of consistency and professionalism is to be maintained.

So website design is extremely similar. Every eventuality has to be accounted for if a measure of consistency and professionalism is to be maintained.

Tip: If you have a buiness, your website should be a key part of your buiness strategy.

Tip: What is your website going to do for you?

Set a SMART goal for your website:






Write Content:

Content is what draws your visitors. Your content is what should be tightly focused on your website goal abd your target market.

  • Use strong headlines. (Most important content)
  • Keep your language simple, be clear and concise.
  • Be credible, showing how you got your data and provide evidence.
  • Add pictures, they can add value to the text and attract the reader.

Choose your Web Host:

What is a web host?

  • Stores your website on a computer
  • Recieves requests from visitor's computers
  • Sends visitors to your website

Click here to browse the various types of web hosting options you can use. They range from free to paid, either option is essential to creating and uploading a website.

Create/Download a Template:

What is a template?

      I'm glad you asked. A template is something that can make your life much easier to design the website you want to create and upload. Some templates cost money, but a lot of them can be taken off different websites and downloaded. (, and

      After you add the template to Dreamweaver or any other editing software, you can change it to whatever you would like. Here is a video that can assist you if you have any issues or turmoil defining your website.