MMSTC students place at 2017 TRIG-STAR state competition

The following Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center students placed at the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors 2016-17 Trig-Star state contest:
Joseph Kovac - MMSTC/Fraser High School – 1st place
Nick Russell – MMSTC/Clintondale High School – 3rd place
Nathan Dobranski – MMSTC/Warren Mott High School – 4th place
Reis Ciaramitao – MMSTC/Cousino High School – 5th place

A Trig-Star is a mathematics student who has demonstrated in competition that they are the most skilled among approximately 1,000 Michigan students in the practical application of trigonometry problems, including a real-life problem mirroring typical situations that professional surveyors encounter every day.

The contest helps to promote careers in surveying and mapping to students at the High Schools across the country. The award is sponsored by the National Society of Professional Surveyors and the Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors. Local sponsor, Craig Amey from Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick, Inc. has worked with MMSTC teacher Christine Kincaid Dewey for the past several years. Mr. Amey volunteers his time to help the MMSTC students apply what they learn in class to real world settings.